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The first thing you need to do when playing online roulette is to get your chips. The online roulette game is very different from an offline one, you will be the only person at your wheel and you don't have a set amount of time before you have to make your bets. You can take as long as you want to place your chips on your desired bets.

When you've done this you can simply click the play or the spin button and you'll be able to watch the ball rolling around the outside of the wheel until eventually it stops on a number. If you are a winner the computer will calculate your winnings and they will be put into your account to be used next time, saved for a later date or withdrawn.

Online roulette is popular with everyone because of the vast array of bets that are on offer. As well as the low odds bets such as color and odds or evens there are also slightly higher odds bets, such as picking one of three designated groups of numbers or a row of numbers. All the bets that are available in your local casino are also available when playing online roulette.

Learning to play roulette is very simple and whether you choose to play online or offline you should have got the basics just from watching a few hands without even giving it your undivided attention; the Internet is, of course, the most direct and accurate way to learn it and nobody will be able to watch while you make your first few inevitable mistakes Of course, you are just as likely to make these mistakes whether you choose to play online or you choose to play offline.

America and Europe have different types of roulette; the American roulette table features two zeros whereas the European table only ever has one of them. While the difference may only seem small it is enough to give the house a slightly larger advantage and this is the main reason why roulette has been so popular in Europe but remained something of a mystery to the American public. Even in Vegas roulette isn't as popular as many of the games or as it is here. Online roulette is available from casinos in both varieties; regardless of the type of strategy you have you are almost always better off playing with the European roulette.

The basic rules of the game are the same in both, the main difference being that in American roulette there are two "green numbers", zero and double-zero, thus increasing house odds, whereas in European roulette there is only the zero. There is also a difference in using chips in the two versions; American roulette uses so-called "non-value" chips, meaning that all chips belonging to the same player are of the same value determined at the time of the purchase and all chips belonging to one player are of the same value, and the player has to cash in the chips at the roulette table. European roulette uses standard casino chips of differing values as bets, which makes the game a little bit more confusing for the croupier and the players.

In traditional European roulette, the table is also much larger than in the American version, and the croupier uses a long tool called a rake to clear out the chips and to distribute winnings, whereas in American roulette the croupier does this by hand.

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